Graykite advanced kitesurfing lessons are the ideal choice for you if you can already kitesurf and want to smooth out your transitions, learn to ride unhooked or master your first jumps. Maybe you want to try a raley or master some old school classics. Or, if it’s a long time since you last went kite surfing, you might fancy a quick refresher course before you hit the water solo. If that’s the kind of help you want, then this is the course you need. We’ll provide you with a private instructor to work on the skills you want to master. We’ll teach you everything from up wind riding through transitions, nailing your first jumps and any trick you can imagine, old school and new. We can take you to any level of advanced freestyle that your heart desires. If you’re booking an advanced course you’ll probably already know what you want to learn and what format you want to learn in, so just let us know what you want and we’ll organise it. It’s as simple as that. If you’ve got any questions, want to organise something a bit different or just want to talk things over, get in touch and we’ll do whatever it takes to get you what you want.


There are three main reasons Cape Town is ideal for kite surfing: the steady wind, the wide selection of kite spots and the weather. Cape Town is Africa’s most southerly city, boasting a Mediterranean climate. This means it enjoys warm, dry summers and mild, moderately wet winters. Cape Town is a perfect get away destination from the northern hemisphere dead cold of winter, a welcoming escape from winter into the sunshine of the awe-inspiring mother land. The summer months last from early December till March and match blazing sun and warm weather with the near-constant presence of the Cape Doctor. The Cape Doctor is the southern Atlantic south easterly wind that blows off the sea most days throughout summer in Cape Town. The choice of kite spots is sensational, ranging from Langebaan’s huge, shallow, warm lagoons where you can polish your tricks, to the wild waters of the Cape of Goiod Hope, where expericed kiters can experience truly unique conditions. In between there are many, many beaches offering a choice of wave riding, culture and the opportunity to chill and share your stories with fellow kiters.


Get In Touch

MEETING POINT Driftwood Restaurant Location Map
DEPARTURE TIME 30 minutes before lesson is scheduled to begin
RETURN TIME 30 minutes after lesson ends
WEAR Whatever you like, so long as you have something snug on underneath that will fit under a wetsuit. And bring a towel.
Professional instructor Transport to lesson site
Kitesurfing equipment Kite, Board and lines
Harness Wetsuit
Safety equipment Lifejacket
Helmet Leash
Fun Progress


Additional information

PLEASESELECTFreestyle, Strapless