The Graykite Cape Town team has some of the most experienced and passionate instructors anywhere in the world. Our kitesurfing instructors are FAV and IKO qualified.

Team leader William Austin has used his years of experience to pull together a team of champion instructors. First they’ll get you up on your board and riding, then they’ll give you an intro into the magic world of kitesurfing.

Team Leader


William Austin is our very own local expert, down here in the wild south west.
Having both worked on the kite surfing rescue boat service on main beach Langebaan and instructor teaching experience, Williams number 1 objective is your progression and safety.
Having family roots in Langebaan and growing up in these waters, he is the perfect local host to make sure you have a highly progressive and fun kite surfing holiday with us, in both Langebaan and Cape Town.
Team Leader


Our team leader Gray Robinson has developed a new, improved and dynamic teaching methodology for kitesurfing. He has used the understanding gained in his 15 years of experience teaching people to kitesurf to create the quickest and most effective program to get you  up on your board and riding.

Gray has personally taught over 4,000 men, women, girls and boys to kitesurf. His pupils have ranged from 6 years of age to 79 years young; some being the larger than small type people, and some being the smaller than large ones, including very fit and getting fitter individuals.

Gray is not just a massively experienced instructor and school owner; he understands down to the smallest detail what you need to do ensure you learn how to kitesurf as quickly and safely as possible.

If that’s not enough, he’s also a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, a PADI scuba instructor, personal fitness coach and qualified first aid medic.