In Tarifa kitesurfing is a way of life. Our little town is a global mecca for watersports and is generally recognised as the kitesurf capital of Europe. Graykite’s Tarifa kitesurfing school is based just on the edge of the main beach at Los Lances which means you’ll be based right at the spot where all the fun happens.


If you’re a beginner we’ll teach you everything you need to know to get up on the board and riding solo. If you’re looking to improve your kitesurfing or learn a few fancy tricks then you’ll want our advanced lessons Cape Town offers pretty much the full spectrum of riding conditions so you can learn wave riding, advanced freestyle, old school, new school or just perfect your jumps and transitions. The wide open spaces mean it’s also an ideal location for beginners and kids to learn safely with experienced instructors. Once you’ve joined us on the kite surfing path you’ll enjoy the freedom of moving with the wind and the joy of nailing a move. Kitesurfing is about adrenaline and relaxation, fun and nature, making new friends and learning to do something amazing. To see our full list of lessons, visit our kite school page. If you’ve got any questions, drop us a line See you soon!

Kitesurfing courses

Graykite Tarifa Kitesurfing School


One Day Kitesurfing Cape Town

Paddle yoga is a different way to have fun and get fit on the water. Our paddle yoga instructors are

Surfing Lessons Cape Town

Learn to ride a board, read the waves and surf like a pro on the Atlantic swell with Graykite in

Advanced Kitesurfing Cape Town

Graykite advanced kitesurfing lessons are the ideal choice for you if you can already kitesurf and want to smooth out

Kids Kitesurfing Cape Town

Our Kids kitesurfing classes in Tarifa, Spain are tailored to the specific learning needs of your little people.

Cape Town Hero | Unlimited Kitesurfing

Unlimited time, Uninhibited learning. Graykite's Hero Unlimited Package is the quickest way to learn to kitesurf Tarifa style!

Beginners Kitesurfing Cape Town

Beginners kitesurfing course in Tarifa, Spain | Learn to kitesurf Tarifa style! Beginners Kitesurfing Tarifa


Kitesurfing heaven

Wind + sun + sea + sand. In Tarifa kitesurfing is a way of life.

Expert instructors

Team leader Gray has been teaching kitesurfing since God was a lad.

Kitesurfing success

We’ll have you up on your board and riding like a rockstar in days.

Lessons for all

Beginners, kids, advanced riders. The young, the old. The sane and the mad!

Book & pay online

Book online to reserve the dates you want. Pay online or in Tarifa.

100% Guaranteed

If you’re not satisfied with your kitesurfing lessons we’ll refund you in full.