Our wave riding lesson is for independent kitesurfers who want to learn to shred the big Atlantic swells of Cape Town. Cape Town is one of the world’s finest wave riding destinations, but you need to have a basic level of competence before it’s safe to take on this course.

Who is this course for?

Before taking a wave riding lesson you should be confident and competent to kitesurf upwind and be comfortable performing basic transitions. The ability to execute small jumps and kitesurf over 1 to 2 metre breaking waves is helpful, but not a necessity. We’ll teach you that if you’re not already there.

What will you learn?

If you aren’t already comfortable riding small waves and making basic jumps we’ll teach you that. Then we’ll teach you the correct stance on a directional board. We will show you how to assess the wave conditions relative to your individual confidence level to ensure your safety, then move on to how to carve stylish butter smooth toe side and heel side turns on the wave.

One important component of the lesson is teaching you how to down loop. Down looping the kite is important to learn for both wave riding and in general for downwinders. It’s a technique that allows you to maintain power within the kite and keep your speed when moving in a downwind direction, which is important when wave riding.

How will you learn?

Downwinders are the most enjoyable way to learn to wave ride so that’s the way we teach you. Our wave riding instructor will teach you the theory on the beach and then show you how by demonstration as you follow his/her line on the wave. While you’re getting the hang of things we’ll do miniature down winders, giving you the chance to learn then chat with your instructor then rinse and repeat until you get it This means you get maximum teaching time and maximum riding time because you don’t ever have to worry about moving back upwind.

Where will you learn?

Our wave riding downwinder lesson will take you from Kite Beach to Doodles and then we’ll shuttle you back to Kite Beach. This is an ideal little downwinder to nail wave riding techniques.



MEETING POINT Driftwood Restaurant
Location Map
DEPARTURE TIME 30 minutes before lesson is scheduled to begin
RETURN TIME half an hour after lesson ends
WEAR Whatever you like, so long as you have something snug on underneath that will fit under a wetsuit. And bring a towel.
Professional instructor Transport to lesson site
Kitesurfing equipment Kite, Board and lines
Harness Wetsuit
Safety equipment Lifejacket
Helmet Leash
Fun Progress


Additional information

GROUP-SIZEPrivate Lesson